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We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining organic edible landscape gardens and outdoor spaces, creating and supporting healthy ecosystems and diversity. Our mission is to help families to get BACK TO NATURE by creating their dream homestead, promoting a healthy lifestyle living in harmony with our Mother Earth.

Organic Vegetable Gardens

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The Future is Now...

Monsanto(GMO), fast food chains, and the mass-production food industry control the food system feeding us with chemicals, carcinogenic foods, and all the technology that is keeping us distracted from real-life experiences.

We firmly believe that creating edible landscapes and outdoor attractions focusing on permaculture principles and healthy soils helps to improve our health and the environment.

We love to share this knowledge, so families can plant a seed, grow their own food, and make a difference. Also, it is essential to mention that growing food gives seasonal independence from the market.

Garden Coaching

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Chicken Coops

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Pollinator garden & Beekeeping

Careful planning is needed to create a successful pollinator garden. We can educate you about the process and about which flowers you'll want to consider. We'll also help you find the right location and soil. We can also provide you with beehives to establish your own colony and see the benefits bees can have in your garden.