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Our goal is to inspire families to be healthy and connected Back to Nature!

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Two years ago, being aware of the present world issues, longtime friends Diego and Claudio realize they could be part of the solution and make a difference, so after doing a lot of research they decided to take a step Back to Nature.

They knew it was time to take a stand and help improved the environment, and at the same time reconnect with nature.

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The future is now!

 We believe that we must establish for the future generations, as big corporations like Monsanto(GMO), fast food chains and mass production food industry are controlling  food system feeding us with chemicals, carcinogenic foods And all this technology is taking over.

We firmly believe that by creating edible landscape and outdoor attractions with focus on organic principles and healthy soils helps to improve our health and the environment. Also, it is important to mention that growing food gives seasonal independence from the market.

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We specialize in edible landscapes gardens  helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces. We create beautiful yard by using permaculture design principles ,adding diversity with annual , perennials gardens and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project.

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