Our Story

Our Story

Two years ago, being aware of the present world issues, longtime friends Diego and Claudio realize they could be part of the solution and make a difference, so after doing a lot of research they decided to take a step Back to Nature.

They knew it was time to take a stand and help improved the environment, and at the same time reconnect with nature.

They believe that unplugging our self from technology and enjoying family, friends, and real-life experiences can have a extremally positive effect in our life, as well as staying away from processed food is necessarily to improve our wellbeing.

Therefore, they started to exchange seeds and created a community vegetable garden project, having a successful result in the neighborhood. That was a great motivation to keep moving forward into this lifestyle. Eager to learn more they found The Center for Bioregional Living where they became good friends with directors and founders Andrew Faust and Adriana Magana, two permaculture leaders in the northeast region. Diego and Claudio end up spending many weekends taking all the workshop the school had to offer; Biodynamic Gardening, Natural Building, Herbal Medicine ,Water in the land, Water Harvesting and two permaculture design courses one at Ellenville campus and one at the Brooklyn campus.

In this permaculture paradise where everything is practical they relearn many aspects of gardening, cultivation and how take a better care for people, doing it all from nutrition to food forest,

After volunteering in many different farms in the north east, working at many different projects, and with this experience gain they felt ready to take their skills to your own backyard.

Our Bio



Claudio is a fine artist, percussionist, traveler, yogi, vegetarian and a Permaculture Designer living in Stamford, CT.

As a kid he had a strong connection with nature, at the age of eight Claudio’s parents enrolled him in the Boy Scouts where he developed a passion for the outdoors and animals. This drove him to volunteer at a veterinarian center at a young age and down the years this passion became part of his lifestyle as he became vegetarian, and in search of better quality food he started gardering and that develop into permaculture.

He obtained his PDC after graduating from the Center for Bioregional Living. Where he trained on Intensive biodynamic gardening, Water in the land and water harvesting, Herbal medicine and tinctures.

After his training Claudio spend many hours volunteering at the Ellenville NY campus, and his first projects were mentored by the school director.

Recently he designed and led a project of edible landscape in southeastern Uruguay.

At the age of 18 he started backpacking to other countries, exploring other cultures, landscapes and customs ending on the conclusion that we are all one, all the same and the differences between societies are not about flags or borders, the difference between societies are determined by geographical characteristics and climate.

After spending weeks learning yoga in India he fell in love with the traditional way of practicing this discipline. Today he practices yoga and Vipassana meditation daily.

He also does fine art, having his studio at the Loft Artists Association building in Stamford, CT.

You can visit his art portfolio at www.claudioart.com


Diego  grew up in a farm where he spent the best times of his childhood in a natural enviornment, working with animals and growing organic food was a normal thing to do for him.

In 2001 he stared working in the construction field many years as an electrician and then as a handyman, but he always stayed in touch with nature by building bike trials in the woods where  he spends most of his free time building natural construction scenes and riding bikes for fun., he always kept his growing food tradition at home year after year .

Diego is also a musician, a self teacher and researcher, he is a problem solver by nature and thrives on creating.

Together with Claudio they believe that is time to stand up for our Mother Earth and the future generations so they did all their training as a team in the Center for bioreginal living, where they optained a PDC (permaculture design course) and many natural training.

He believes that a eco friendly healthy life style is essential to be happy in today's world and thogether they founded BACK TO NATURE!